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Bardakci Cove is a special cove that is located away from the commotion of Bodrum, which changes the known concepts of sea and cove completely, and gleams with a heaping legend. In fact, the mystical and dramatic story of the legendary beauty Salmakis, and Hermaphrodite, son of Hermes and Aphrodite; who lived at this cove according to the legend, grants a bit more privilege to this area. Not being reciprocated in love, the prayers of Salmakis to gods come true; and against all the resistance put up by Hermaphrodite, gods bring them into a single body. Therefore the statement “Every masculine energy has a feminine side, and every feminine energy has a masculine side” virtually bases itself upon a legend, and establishes many philosophical and psychological notions that we know of today.

This charming beauty of Rebis Bodrum Luxury Collection as a boutique hotel Bardakçı Cove is set in a special area, which embodies a private beach for its guests, and the tempting sea with wonderful colors.

Because of this legend and its special location, Rebis Bodrum Luxury Collection bears the meaning of its name within the concept of “accommodation in dreams” with a flawless grace; by having a privileged place in Bodrum today, and giving the experience of a real holiday and feeling special to its guests.

Aside from being the place that brings together privileges, enchanted mythological stories, and quality in real terms, and being a place that presents them respectively on every corner; Rebis Bodrum Luxury Collection has the priceless opportunities of bestowing upon its guests an unforgettable getaway, an escape, and moving away from the chaos of the outside world with luxury, elegance, and ecstatics...

In order to start a day in the rooms with wonderful Aegean scenery, spend pleasant hours towards the lights of Kos Island, experience the true meaning of being purified in a garden full of colorful flowers that cherish all the beauty of the nature; Rebis Bodrum Luxury Collection as a boutique hotel offers more than your expectations to savor the legends telling that Salmakis still occasionally appears to reveal her beauty at Bardakçı Cove.